Every fourth Sunday of June—June 27 this year—is National Open and Affirming Sunday! This opportunity—to celebrate your ONA covenant and renew your commitment to its values—is needed now more than ever. We live in a time when national campaigns to limit LGBTQ+ freedoms and reverse our gains are gaining momentum. Our community needs ONA churches to remember the promises they made when they adopted their covenants, and to celebrate in worship and song that we are one family in Christ. Especially in a time like this, we need these occasions of celebration.

Visit the Coalition website for ONA Sunday worship resources written and edited by the Coalition’s ONA program minister, Kimi Floyd Reisch. We also offer our ONA Sunday video which congregations are welcome to use at any time. Additional resources here. And if you celebrate a Pride or ONA Sunday at a different time of year, you’re welcome to use these resources anytime!


– Our Partners in the United Reformed Church in the UK have published a wonderful resource which is free and downloadable…  Click Here
–  Trinity (Great Swamp), Spinnerstown does not have children in worship so until they are able to come back a message is done with the Bears. We started off with two bears and members started dropping off their bears to the church. Someone brought a penguin because they wanted us to add some diversity.   —Rev. Dr. Becky Beckwith  – Click Here for Pictures



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