Amigos de Guatemala

Penn Northeast Conference – Ministry Team Highlights

Names of Ministry Team:   Amigos de Guatemala                

Purpose of Team:  The PNEC Conference felt called to establish a partnership with the churches and people of Guatemala.  Working with CONCEJO, an ecumenical organization there, we learned of Monte Margarita, a remote mountain village about 8 miles from any medical facilities. After sending a medical team there in 2012, we were determined to build a multi-use facility and clinic. The community has few vehicles, roads are poor, the water is not clean, and many health issues go untreated. The new building, which includes a clinic, community room, and housing for workers, should be completed in time to send medical teams there early in 2019.  The people in Monte Margarita will also use it for church meetings, small business conferences, education.

How does this Ministry Team align with the vision, mission, and goals of the Penn Northeast Conference and the United Church of Christ:  The PNEC has a history of partnerships with people around the world, including Native Americans, Germany, and Honduras.  More than just a mission project, our understanding of other cultures is enhanced and our faith is enriched by their deep faith. This, we believe, is the love and servanthood to which Christ has called us.

How can people become engaged in this work of this Ministry Team

  • Invite the Amigos to visit your congregation.  We have a powerpoint with lots of photos of our visits there, as well as Guatemalan crafts that we sell to raise funds for the building, medical supplies, and travel expenses.
  • Volunteer to serve on a medical team to Monte Margarita starting in 2019. We need doctors, nurses, dentists, and people fluent in Spanish to translate.
  • We are always glad to receive donations from churches and individuals who want to support our medical teams who will go there. Send a check to PNEC with Amigos on the memo line, or donate online on the PNEC website.
  • Join our team to continue this vital ministry.
  • For more information contact Roger or Karen Heim at 610.481.9704 or the conference office.

ContributionsYou can send your contributions directly to the PNEC office at 431 Delaware Avenue, Palmerton, PA, 18071-1908. Make checks payable to the PNEC Amigos Building Fund.


Amigos de Guatemala Update:  Monte Margarita clinic to open soon!


April 2017 to May 2019




Click on this link to watch a 20 second video that takes you around the outside of the clinic:

Amigos de Guatemala (Lehigh Valley)

Please consider:

  • Would you like to be part of a medical team that would be there when the clinic is dedicated in October 2019?
  • Would you like an Amigo team to speak at your church about the project?
  • Would you like to contribute to the cost of medications and medical travel?

Contact Karen Heim at




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