Disaster Response Ministry Team

Purpose of Team:

       Disaster Ministry Team mission statement is to participate, as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, in
       timely and effective meeting of physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of communities affected by
       natural and human caused disasters.

Describe how this Ministry Team aligns with the vision, mission, and goals of the
Penn Northeast Conference and the United Church of Christ:

      Just as PNEC is called on a journey to listen, proclaim, act and serve, we as disaster ministry team are
      called to listen, proclaim, act and serve the unmet needs after a disaster.

Describe how people can become engaged in this work of this Ministry Team:

       No matter who you are or where you are our congregations are able to become engaged in a  disaster.    
       Congregations may become engaged on a local level as well as a conference level by praying for our
       neighbors. In a hands on way congregations can become engaged by assembling clean up buckets and
       kits. People can volunteer on mission trips. Educational opportunities are available to participate in
       trainings and preparedness. Volunteers can be utilized to assist organizing and transporting tool trailers.

Contact Person: 
Bonnie Bates, PNE Conference Minister, bonnieb@pnec.org; 610-826-3113 Officer


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