Disaster Ministries

Purpose of Team

Responding to the call of our Christ-centered faith, UCC Disaster Ministries supports holistic community recovery, worldwide, by engaging supporters, volunteers and partners to focus on preparedness, emergency relief and long-term recovery.
Description of how this Ministry Team aligns with the vision, mission, and goals of the Penn Northeast Conference and the United Church of Christ:
Vision – PNEC – United in Faith … Committed to Love… Created to Serve.
UCC – United in Christ’s Love – A Just World For All
The Penn Northeast Conference of the UCC is committed to serving the needs
of people regardless of race, creed, religion or economic status. The programs
of the Team will serve persons and organizations who have little or no
resources and have unmet needs.

Mission – PNEC – Changing lives by equipping, empowering, and supporting
those who would spread Christ’s ministry
UCC – United in Spirit and Inspired by God’s Grace, We welcome all,
Love all, and seek justice for all.
We will focus on Preparedness and Long-Term Recovery. We will provide
support, information and resources to our congregations and members.
We will equip, empower, and support Long-Term Recovery Volunteers to
disaster sites and Disaster Recovery Work Teams. We will work with our
partners to influence Federal policy and disaster response and recovery best practices.

There will be ample opportunity for people to get involved through their local church
and through the Conference, offering their faith, knowledge, money, skills, and
connections. Relationship building is at the heart of this ministry team. People will
be encouraged and equipped to both serve their neighbor and to advocate for a just world for all.

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