Salary Recommendations

2020 Compensation Recommendations

2020 – Penn Northeast Conference Compensation Worksheet

2020 UCC Medical and Dental Benefits Plan Rate Announcement

For the 2020 plan year, please note the following rate action:

  • Non-Medicare Health Plan: 3% increase; no change to deductibles
  • Medicare Supplement Health Plan with/Rx: 3% increase; no change to deductibles
  • Pharmacy Benefit Plan: no change to co-pays
  • Dental Benefit Plan: no change
  • Life & Disability Income Plan: no change
  • Vision Benefit Plan: on change

Churches/Employees are able to view 2020 rates by visiting the Pension Boards website ( and clicking on the 2020 Rate Locator   found on the home page.



Health and Dental Rates:  We will not be publishing rates in a chart as we have in the past.  Participants in the health plan should go to the Pension Boards website and locate the rate for their particular situation.   Thank you.

Note:  2020 rates have not been published yet.  

Once on the rate locator screen, please choose the plan year, Conference, zip code, and age band, and the rates for the health, dental, and vision plans will appear.



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