Message for congregations about coaching:

I am excited to share with you a new resource for congregational groups or individuals.  Our trained coaches will gladly support individuals and groups within congregations who are engaged in activities such as vision, mission, and core values development; governance structures, constitution and bylaws revisions; vitality efforts; transitions and search and call; conflict and behavioral covenant development.

Coaches will be assigned through the Conference Office based on the submission of the Congregational Coaching application  to the Conference Office.  Contributors to OCWM within the past two (2) years are eligible for coaching at $35 per hour (excluding services for the purpose of search and call.)  For churches that have not contributed to OCWM the fee is $70 per hour.  Once your congregation has contributed to OCWM for two (2) years, you will receive coaches at the reduced rate.

Your contributions to Strengthen the Church allowed us to train the individuals who now serve as coaches.  Your contributions to this special offering in addition to OCWM help to defray costs for programs such as this and made COACH training available at no personal cost.  The hourly rate paid by OCWM participant churches covers administrative and transportation costs only.  The higher rate, for those not contributing to OCWM, helps us recover our contributions to the training.

Thank you for participating in our efforts to promote church vitality through this program.

– Bonnie

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