YEA Fund (Youth & Empowerment)

YEA Fund…to provide financial assistance for youth and adult educational services.

As members of Christ’s Church, we advocate that every lay person be involved in the wider ministry which Jesus empowers among us.  Educational opportunities are an important component of this wider ministry.  These opportunities benefit our children, youth and lay adults of our local churches, the Penn Northeast Conference, and the United Church of Christ as a whole.  Our goal is to provide financial assistance so that children, youth, and lay adults are not denied participation in denominationally-endorsed evens, camps, retreats or educational activities because of lack of financial resources.

We believe strongly in the covenantal principle of our United Church of Christ.  This covenant includes a partnership of three:  the participant’s family, the local congregations, and the Penn Northeast Conference.  It is suggested that all three members of our covenant strive to share in meeting the cost of the vents.  Subsidies from Penn Northeast Conference shall not exceed one-third the total cost of the event.  Itemized costs will not necessarily be subsidized but will be considered.  The average subsidy at this point is 10%.  Due to the increased use of this fund, which we celebrate, we reserve the right to grant a lump sum to a large group based on money available.

If you are applying for assistance from this Youth & Empowerment Fund, please download and complete the  YEA Fund form.  (We ask that the person who is attending the event be the one to fill out the form if she/he is able.)  Once completed, please ask your pastor to write a letter of recommendation.  The pastor may then attach it to your application and mail it to:  ATTN:  YEA Fund, Penn Northeast Conference, 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA  18071.

The Youth & Empowerment Fund was created by the Penn Northeast Conference UCC  Board of Directors during their January 2001 meeting for the purpose of providing financial assistance for youth and adult educational activities.  The above guidelines provide the criteria for the distribution of this assistance.

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