GEM Fund

The GEM Fund (Grants for Energizing Mission) is a sub-committee of the PNEC Board of Directors.

GEM Fund Mission

To help local Penn Northeast Conference congregations take steps toward renewing and energizing their sense of mission so they can hear and act on God’s call in the 21st century!

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”    Luke 4:18-19

GEM Fund Guidelines:

  1. Be a member church of the Penn Northeast Conference.
  2. Applications to the fund must be made in writing.  Please answer all of the questions listed below under “How to Apply.”
  3. Application must be accompanied by a letter from the consistory/council of the applying church and must include the signature of the consistory/council president.
  4. Grant applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Please be in contact with the Conference Office to obtain exact information on the deadlines for application and the schedule of grant review dates.  Plan on a maximum of three months between the time of application and the notification of decision.
  5. Provide the GEM Committee with progress and financial reports as agreed upon when the grant is made.
  6. Grant monies will be issued by the Penn Northeast Conference paid to the order of the local church for deposit in its account.  Grants monies must be dispersed through the local church’s accounting procedures in a timely fashion.
  7. In general, the maximum funding for any one request will be $1000 per year.  Funding for one year does not guarantee renewal in the following year.  Reapplication must be made each year.
  8. An Annual Report will be made to the Penn Northeast Conference Board of Directors documenting the disbursement of funds with a description of funded projects.

GEM Fund – We can help!

Are some of your members longing to find new ways to serve God in the future?  Are you searching for new expressions of your corporate identity as ministers in your congregation and community?  Is there a new initiative that you and others in your congregation seek to create that would enhance the spiritual life and future missional direction of your church?  The Penn Northeast Conference Board of Directors has designated the proceeds of the GEM Fund to be used as “seed money” to help begin or carry through to completion local church transformational projects.  These projects must be proposed and administered by PNEC congregations and must be patently intended to enhance and make more relevant the spiritual life and gospel mission of the churches of the Penn Northeast Conference.

GEM Fund  – How to Apply:

Please provide the following information:

  1. Vision – Describe your project.  Summarize how this project will help your church to hear and act upon God’s call.
  2. Need – Who do you hope will benefit from this project?
  3. Objectives – Exactly what do you hope to accomplish in this project?  How will this project benefit the overall ministry of your congregation in this new century?
  4. Action Plan – What steps will you take to meet these objectives?  Who in you church is accountable for this project?  Please provide the name and information for a contact person.
  5. Timetable for Evaluation – Who will evaluate this project and when will the evaluation take place?  When will this evaluation be shared with your local church consistory/council?
  6. Budget and Duration – How long will this project last and what will it cost?  How much money are you specifically requesting from the GEM Fund?  Are there other sources of funding for this project?  If so, please list funding sources and amounts.  How will you raise additional needed funds?

Submit your application with the required documentation (a supporting letter from Consistory/Council).

Send electronically to GEM Fund Sub-Committee at  OR mail to

Penn Northeast Conference, GEM Request, 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA  18071

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