Amigos de Guatemala

Help build a better future for a village in Guatemala!

UCC Penn NE Conference’s Amigos de Guatemala has been working to provide health care for the people of Monte Margarita. Now we are raising funds to construct a medical clinic / community center there.

Emphasis on Partnership

The partnership that the Amigos have with Monte Margarita means that the people of Monte Margarita, as well as their amigos in PNEC, are raising funds for skilled labor and materials. But we are eager to work together to build the clinic—allowing us to deepen our friendship as well.

What would your church like to contribute?

Why not ask your Sunday School or VBS program if they would sponsor an educational and fundraiser program. Or perhaps you could make the project part of your Stewardship or Mission budget.

We have speakers available

You don’t need to take a crash course on Guatemala to do this. The Amigos are ready and willing to come to your church to talk about our program. We also have lots of beautiful handmade Guatemalan items to sell as part of our fundraising efforts.

For more information

Contact Roger and Karen Heim at 610-481-9704 or at


You can send your contributions directly to the PNEC office at 431 Delaware Avenue, Palmerton, PA, 18071-1908. Make checks payable to the PNEC Amigos Building Fund.



  Digging the Foundation for the Clinic

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