Disaster Response Ministry Team

Our mission is to participate, as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ, in timely and effective meeting of the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of communities affected by natural and human-caused disasters.

Stand on the side of the oppressed through advocacy with and for those most in need.
Seek out unmet needs of all survivors, particularly people who were vulnerable before the disaster.
Provide a larger vision of life that includes emotional and spiritual care as well as physical rebuilding.
Assist in long-term recovery of those in need.
Restore and rebuild community relationships.

How can you be a part of this ministry?
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National Disaster Response Ministry Continuing Education Conference- Sept 2013

Disaster Resource Ministry 2012 Handbook

PNEC Disaster Response Ministry April 9 2016

CWS Bus Trip School Kits 8/12/16

Recap of CWS Bus Trip 8/12/16


Clean Up Buckets Assembled & Dropped off to PNEC for Church World Service 1.11.17

For more information, please contact:

Linda Lenhart, DRM Co-coordinator for PNEC

June Arnold, DRM Co-coordinator for PNEC

Donna Zangari, DRM Co-coordinator for PNEC


Links to recommended sites:
The United Church of Christ
Penn Northeast Conference
Church World Service
Citizen Corps

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