PNEC Sleepout for Homelessness

From the Spiritual Development Ministry Team
Did you know that November is Homelessness Awareness Month? Did you also know that there is an emphasis placed on it the week of November 13-21? Homelessness is a problem, not just in our own communities, but throughout the country, and the youth of the PNEC did something about it. The SDMT partnered with The Lehigh Conference of Churches to create the event of One Night Without A Home, held on November 13-14,2021. 9 of our PNEC congregations participated in this event (5 at Union UCC, Neffs and 4 at their home congregations), to bring light to homelessness and raise funds to help support the outreach programs of The Lehigh Conference of Churches. Though it was cold and damp, the youth got a small taste of what it would be like to not have their warm homes and beds by sleeping outside in tents and cardboard boxes. Through the donations of many, the youth of the PNEC raised over $2,000 for The Lehigh Conference of Churches. Thank you to of the youth, adult leaders, and congregations for supporting this effort. 

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