Leading Worship for Lay Leaders

A one day seminar designed to help lay leaders prepare and lead worship!
This event will be offered on Saturday, December 3, 2022 from 9 to Noon via zoom.
There is NO cost to this seminar.
Who may be interested? Congregations who struggle to find supply ministers to lead weekly worship service and lay members who are inter-ested in leading their congregations in worship.
Let’s face it, many congregations need a supply minister to fill the pulpit if the minister is away or if the church is in transition between ministers. In order to assist congregations facing this situation, the Local Congregational Support Working Group of the PNEC Committee on Ministry is con-ducting a three hour seminar designed to help your members develop and present a variety of worship services, using readily available resources from the Conference, the UCC website and other online and paper resources.
The training will cover all aspects of how to prepare and lead a worship service, including:
• Basic Liturgy Planning
• Using the Lectionary
• Identifying Hymns
• Utilizing Worship Resources to Plan Worship
• Framing Questions for Dialogue Sermon
To register for this event, please call Patty at the Conference Office (610-826-3113)
or email her at pattyr@pnec.org and you will be sent the zoom link.

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