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COVID Letter from MESA (Ministerial Excellence and Support Authorization) – MESA Covid Letter – April 2022


From the PA Council of Churches

We have continued to add more videos to our YouTube channel urging Pennsylvanians to #GetVaccinated! You can view all the videos at
One of our members has upped the game, however–please check out the video produced by the Synod of the Trinity, Presbyterian Church (USA) at
A diverse collection of members of the Synod of the Trinity Presbyterian Church (USA) joins the Pennsylvania Council of Churches to urge you to get vaccinate…
We are challenging all of our members to consider submitting videos that reflect the diversity of their members and congregations! This is not meant to be competition, though a little friendly promotion within your networks and Pennsylvania as a whole is welcomed and encouraged.
Video made for the PA Council of Churches About Getting Vaccinated
Click Here for Video

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