Vision, Mission, Purpose

The ______ UCC Conference of Eastern Pennsylvania

Who We Are…We are the Conference of Local UCC Congregations and Affiliated Ministries in Eastern Pennsylvania. We serve as the liaison and covenant partner between the local congregations and ministries of the United Church of Christ and the national setting.

Our Purpose…Why we do this work – …Because people are created as communal beings, a conference provides a framework to live out our mission with accountability

Our Mission…What we do –…Building up the body of Christ

Our Vision…What the Conference will look like in the future -…Lives and communities transformed through love

Our Values…How we do our work together -…Guided by Jesus’ commandments to love one another and a commitment to extravagant welcome, we will work together…

  • to serve God and our neighbors with compassion
  • to encourage and inspire one another with hope
  • to make bold and courageous choices with love
  • to be committed to having the diversity of God’s children at the Table


Reflection Questions

Reflecting on the new Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Core Values statements for the proposed new Eastern PA Conference, the work of the Conference is different from the work of the local church. Local churches are called to welcome, encourage, and nurture disciples of Jesus. The mission of the conference is to support local congregations to fulfill their calling. The conference is the wider community of congregations in relationship with one another to support the wider mission of the church.  

  • Do you believe a new Conference guided by these statements would integrate well with your church’s work? 
  • How is your local congregation working to make disciples of Jesus?
  • How might the combined resources and reach of a new, larger Conference support your church in those efforts?
  • What specific support could a new, larger Conference provide that would help you expand those efforts?

The JCVDT continues to meet twice a month, and we hope to receive feedback from local congregations. Please share your reflections with us! You can email your responses to

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