PNEC/PSEC Joint Conference Vision & Development Team


As you know PNEC and PSEC formed a transition team to begin discussions about how we might work together. A Vision for this work was approved at the April 2017 Annual Meeting. A new team to help us move forward has been formed. It is called the Joint Conference Vision and Development Team. As a part of our work we want to gather information from as many constituencies in the church as possible. Click Here for a survey.  Please copy the survey and distribute it widely to your congregation. It will be helpful to us to have the completed survey forwarded to us by the end of October. We will be happy to report back on our findings after our November 2017 meeting.  We value your input and thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.

– Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates, PNEC Conference Minister

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